Edinburgh Princes street
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Crucial tips Driving rental vehicle Edinburgh

Rental car deposits -  Credit cards are accepted.  Cash is not allowed in Scotland and often debit cards are not accepted on premium cars or SUV.  First time driving on the left? An automatic car with built in sat nav may make life easier...

Mushroom street, Alicante@shutterstock
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Explore Alicante in Spain (72hrs)

Alicante, famous for its wonderful palm lined boulevards, the Old Quarter and its stunning beaches, enjoy a sunset tour..

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Rosslyn chapel, Knights Templar and Vin Diesel Fast & Furious 9.

Vin Diesel star of Fast and furious holds sacred meeting at Rosslyn Chapel. The Chapel attracts attention in part to its elaborate carvings and  a sequence of 213 cubes or "boxes" protruding from pillars and arches with a selection of patterns on them. Part of a bigger jigsaw?