Okay I am a complete newbie to TikTok but I am an old hand at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. Once you have mastered uploading to these mediums then TikTok is pretty straightforward.

Data Problems – Be warned.

TikTok eats data like I eat chocolate, super fast! I did not realise that TikTok was turning to mobile data when it couldn’t get Wifi. The data that it consumes, surpasses anything that I had ever used in a month. The main reason seems to be that when I am using Tiktok, the connection to wifi is lost at least 8 times a day. I think it’s when everyone is using it, because between 4pm-5pm UK time I have to switch to mobile data. This gets very expensive. Make sure your TikTok app is not switching to mobile. Switch off at the app settings.

First port of call is obviously your phone provider and possibly review your mobile data allowance. Secondly I would ensure that draft copies of any video are deleted once uploaded. Third – do all your dummy rehearsals on your phone camera and switch to Tiktok for the final take.

Once you have your final version, do not apply any special effects until you are happy with the original length of the clip. If you need to trim it later after applying effects then you will lose all your effects and have to start again..yip..done that a few times!

Once you have your video clip and the special effects are ready to upload, you have to input the title and chose your hashtags. It is imperative that you have an uninterrupted upload.

If you lose connectivity the sound does not sync with the film. After the initial upload, go watch something in your home feed. Play back your clip. If it is not in sync you need to re-upload. This is where it pays to have saved a copy.

***If need be do switch to mobile data to ensure a smooth upload, then switch back to wifi.

TikTok tools and tricks.

My favourite? Has to be the youthful filter, the flashing stickers and of course the “set time limits” function. This is pretty easy to use, just hold your finger down on the new text that you have created and a little symbol will appear saying ‘set time limit’. Hold and scroll from bottom to where you want text to appear. Given that its a 60 sec clip, this should be pretty easy for everyone. Some of the filters are great fun, green screen, dinosaurs, robotic VoiceOver etc.

To see my beginners guide click here.

TikTok is slightly addictive. You get quickly sucked into funny clips, recipes, Spanish lessons..in fact the ‘Scottish Iron Bru Pakora guy’ was amazing and clearly a really good chef. More data…SERIOUSLY..if I could give you one tip, check what phone package your kids are on.

TikTok Tools – Room For Improvement.

The actual screen space is very small and somewhat spoiled by hashtags taking up precious screen space. I think that will change in the future. TikTok has the edge on YouTube for the simple reasons you can play with the text, place it anywhere, change the colour, font, graphics etc. Think Canva and Adobe meet Instagram. Youtube is not standing still. You can upload yourTikTok video to YouTube but ‘Youtube Shorts’ are the latest new launch to match TikTok. Already available in India, YouTube ‘Shorts’ are proving very popular.

Position yourself carefully on screen

You have to stand in the exact spot to guarantee a central position on Tik Tok. You have to choose wisely when adding text and graphics. Are they covering your face? Don’t go mad with graphics, they can annoy some readers, especially the flashy ones. TikTok issue a warning with some of the effects, which I like, as it encourages me to steer clear of them.

Monetise your TikTok – new rules out March 2021.

Once you have 1000 followers on TikTok you can start earning diamonds. Okay diamonds are currently only worth 5 cents which is a hell of a lot less than Shutterstock, (my photo hobby) but Omnivore report that “TIKTOK users view a billion downloads a day”. The revenue potential is incredible. People are earning money, available in 75 languages TikTok is growing fast and can only get better. If you need to promote your business, you should get one of your younger team members to be in charge of your TikTok account and connect it to your business website.

The new rules from TikTok to monetise are that you must have 10,000 followers, 10,000 views in the last month, be over 18 and have a Paypal account.

TIktok Hacks

The Tiktok algorithm does not like you deleting videos from your main account. There is also a thing called ‘shadow banned’ where it is thought that TIKTOK ban people from viewing your site for up to a week. If your views drop of a cliff I would look at your content and remove anything offensive or potentially inflammatory. It does not like nudity, drugs, references to guns etc.

Stitch. This facility allows you to take a 5 sec clip from anyone who has approved this feature and allows you to incorporate it into your own videos and vice versa.

TikTok is getting pretty influential, moving popular songs up the charts and generating new incomes for young people. Interested to learn more? Thinking of joining? Watch my beginners vid.

Final word of warning: Please, please talk to your children about social media and TikTok. There are many under age children with accounts on social media. These accounts are not private which is very worrying. Please talk to your children as there is still inappropriate content finding its way onto social media sites via comments.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time. I hope you have learned something about TikTok and whether it suits your business plan or not.

Lou A.