Fed up wasting hours of time marrying your film footage and your audio recording? Your time is important and the new Rode mic wireless go will make your life much simpler.

Rode Wireless Go Mic – Expensive but well worth the investment?

Let’s take a look at the amazing Rode wireless Go mic. I bought mine from Wex, (trying to support UK businesses.) The Rode box had no instructions, which may be a new environmental, paperless theme. Pop over to the Rode website and scan the QR code, download a paper version or PDF file.

( I always like to print off a copy in the event I resell my gear, keep the original packaging.)

Rode wireless go mic and Nikon D7500

I ordered the Rode magclip, which is a great tool for keeping the small transmitter mic in place on your clothes. It’s a small, super, strong magnet that you place on one side of your clothes and attach the transmitter onto the other side. Pretty discreet, but it can pull on thin t-shirts and is better suited to a lapel. The transmitter mic can also be clipped onto a belt but if you get the opportunity to buy the Lavalier in a bundle, I would take that option. To buy the Lavalier mic on its own can be very expensive. Also sometimes when you are trying to disguise the mic but keep it near your face, the blue lights are a give away and a bit futuristic.


The mic is omnidirectional and I have found that the DB setting works better when it is set to low. There are three settings. Just keep your finger pressed down on the Db (decibel) button and it will move up higher or lower.
The transmitter comes with a 3.5mm TRS cable which works fine in the UK and can be connected from the transmitter and receiver to a phone, camera or camcorder. There is also a cable to recharge, I used my laptop, not sure how long it takes but have heard a full charge is 2 hours from empty to full.
The sound is really smooth and professional sounding. It is important to do a test run on your camera or handycam first as some adjustments may be needed. There are options for complete audio control on the Panasonic VX980.
For the Nikon D7500, go to the icon of a movie camera in the menu and click on audio, take the camera off automatic settings and you can adjust here. I am happy at the moment on 10 and the receiver Db on low. On the Panasonic if you wish to have complete audio manual control then you need to choose the third setting. It is really important to do a test run first of your audio as it will save time in post production.
The wireless mic is very simple to use and pretty much a game changer for vloggers working outside or indoors. Up to 70 m or 230 ft from the transmitter to the receiver is pretty impressive. The Rode wireless go box includes 2 fluffy black wind shield hats to reduce external noise.
If you need to interview multiple speakers then look at the rode website for amazing accessories like the Rode SC11 splitter cable and SM3R camera mount. You could literally spend a fortune.
I think this Rode wireless mic is going to be the future of good, audio sound quality. I just wish I had discovered it before I made my dodgy, “Driving into Edinburgh city video.” I would say that it runs down the battery pretty fast so keep a charger to hand and, if you can afford it a spare battery for your camcorder or camera.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time.