GoProHero 7 Black Protune

Compare Gopro Hero 7 vs DSLR beginners comparison.

When I mentioned on my youtube channel, Edinburghcitymom, that I was doing a review comparing the GoPro Hero 7 black v DSLR,  someone commented that it would be “like comparing a Fiat with a Ferrari.” Good analogy I thought, let’s see if it’s true.

Here are two photo, accepted to Shutterstock. Can you tell which was was taken by my Nikon and which one was taken by the GoPro Hero 7?

Stirling castle in Scotland
Stirling castle in Scotland – A
Stirling castle Scotland
Stirling castle Scotland B

Both the GoPro Hero 7 and any decent DSLR (Digital single lens reflex), will take photographs and record footage, but when comparing them, it’s what’s inside that really counts.  In this scenario it comes down to the Quality of the Sensor.

Without boring you to tears talking about pixellation, the simple explanation is that in a digital photo there are thousands of little pixels, information units.  People assume that a high pixel count guarantees a great photo and while it certainly helps, the other factor to consider is the depth of the pixel which determines the tonal value. eg. the amount of colour depth stored within each pixel.

Why is this important?

If you need to enlarge your photo to poster size the DSLR will have no problem with this and will supply good clarity and resolution especially if the photo is taken in RAW. However try blowing up your GoPro Hero 7 photo and you will may lose detail around the edges and colour depth.

Other factors to consider when comparing the GoPro Hero 7 and DSLR are the available settings.  A GoPro  has an excellent wide angle lens which is a dream if you are doing a photo of a Cathedral or museum and want a large FOV (field of vision) but this also can bring problems with curved poles or curvature in the photo.

Of course you can try taking the picture as linear … here is an example of a photo that has been accepted by Shutterstock, a New York based stock photography agency.  The first photo has been edited and the 2nd photo shows the curvature.

Titanic Museum Belfast
Titanic Experience Belfast@shutterstock
The Titanic Experience
The Titanic Experience.

The Photograph can be fixed in post production, but with a DSLR you would simply change the lens or adjust the perspective on the camera after taking the shot.

There is a setting called Protune on the GoPro Hero 7, which offers the chance to adjust the ISO, shutterspeed, white balance etc, giving your greater control over the GoPro settings. It is a good idea to watch a few videos on this, to give you more flexibility and understanding of what the GoPro Hero 7 can do.  There are plenty of videos explaining this on youtube.

GoProHero 7 Black Protune
GoProHero 7 Black Protune

Often on the GoPro Hero 7 screen the photo looks fine but the screen is very small, try and connect to a laptop or Mac before you leave your location to double check the quality. There is nothing worse than getting home and realising your photo has too much grain, is out of focus or is over exposed.

If using Protune for videos remember they will take up more space on an SD card and your battery will drain quickly.  Always carry a few back up cards and batteries.

GoPro Hero 7 V DSLR size comparison – the important stuff

This may be a deal breaker for you. I know when I travel with my DSLR, that I am keeping it in hand luggage where I can “handle with care”.  Like our Ferrari analogy, I do not want any scratches, sand, dust, etc on my expensive bodywork or lens.

When travelling, I restrict the number of lens to one because of weight and space. I also need to pack a recharger. I rarely take a tripod as I just can’t fit it in hand luggage, however my Joby flexible tripod stand is extremely useful for getting a steady photo and can hold the Nikon camera weight. Once you get to your location you are carrying this weight around all day, it can be quite uncomfortable after a few hours.

Camera equipment for DSLR
Camera equipment and accessories for DSLR camera.

The GoPro Hero 7  is a great solution, especially for travel bloggers or instagrammers.  It is extremely lightweight, easy to use underwater or skiing, hillwalking, snow boarding, surfing etc.  The hyper smooth stabilisation is excellent.

For adventure sports I would say the GoPro Hero 7 definitely has the edge. Try protecting your expensive DSLR on a slope in Val D’Isere. That’s before you even consider water damage, carrying the weight of the camera and protecting it if you slip and fall. The DSLR is too heavy for me and too expensive too risk dropping in snow.

Not so with the GoPro Hero 7, like the Fiat it can squeeze into most small spaces. Similarly the GoPro slips easily into your pocket, your hand luggage, on a head band, on a chest mount, on a bike mount.  It’s truly versatile and of course waterproof.

Super photo, Timewarp, hyper smooth…sounds too good to be true…

GoPro Hero 7 accessories
GoPro Hero 7 accessories

Yes and it does have its irksome little problems as I have been discovering especially in hot countries.

My biggest problem with the GoPro Hero 7 is the freezing issue. If I delete multiple files, it freezes. If I have it in sunshine for any length of time it overheats and on my last trip to Belfast I could barely pick it up that’s how hot it was. I have read online that Snow Boarders have the same problem with the GoPro Hero 7 freezing in the snow.

How to resolve?

Place it in the shade, pull out battery, let it cool down. Re insert and start again. You don’t lose the footage but you have just lost some great photo opportunities, as I did going through Valencia on a bike tour.  Once it cools down it takes great photo again.

(Photo below taken in Valencia on automatic settings using GoPro Hero 7)

Indoor Market Valencia
Mercado Central @shutterstock

The DSLR never freezes on me but I have had problems with condensation on the lens when trying to photograph inside a Greenhouse.

The GoPro is great for taking photo with a wide field of vision but for close ups you might have to buy a macro lens or else you will just get a blurry image. Read the specifications and ensure it fits your camera. Also make sure that you are up to date with the GoPro app updates.

What equipment suits your needs?

Really I think you have to ask yourself what you are going to be filming/recording. If you are trying to capture an authentic moment in time,  then setting up a tripod and fairly substantial DSLR will attract lots of attention and people start to pose or stare and the moment is lost.  Not so with a GoPro. No one even knows you have a camera and if you take it out of your pocket, it is so small, no-one notices. This can be handy in museums or places of worship.

Like the Fiat, it’s pretty discreet and unobtrusive.

Byodo Temple in the Valley of the Gods, Hawaii.
Byodo Temple in the Valley of the Gods, Lou Armor@shutterstock

For me personally the GoPro compliments my camera, it is another tool, another accessory for photography.  If my camera runs out of battery I have the GoPro and if I want to jazz things up with a short time lapse, the GoPro is so easy to put on a stick and carry. I like them both.  However, the Nikon DSLR sensor beats the GoPro and that’s why I love my big heavy statement camera.

The photo above was taken on my DSLR and there is a reason that a DSLR is so heavy… Like the Ferrari, it’s a classy piece of equipment and sometimes people actually move out of the way, stop to watch or even come closer to take a look. This photo below was taken in Milan with no tripod, using my Nikon camera and Tamron 16-300mm lens. The 2nd shot of Belfast City Hall was taken on the GoPro Hero 7 black.

La Duomo Milan
La Duomo Milan-Lou Armor@shutterstock
Belfast City Hall Northern Ireland.
Belfast City Hall, Lou Armor@shutterstock

If you are travelling and have a decent phone camera, I would say take a GoPro and learn Protune.  The GoPro Hero 7 is very robust and I have dropped it, sat on it and generally forgotten where it is, it’s that small.   Easy to pack including accessories. I charge my GoPro batteries via my laptop and have dual battery recharger for speed.

The answer to the early question is that photo A of Stirling castle was taken with the  Gopro hero7 and photo B was taken with the Nikon. Did you guess correctly?

I hope this helps a little if you are trying to choose. Remember that you can buy the main body of the camera second hand in places like Jessops online and spend money on a good lens.

GoPro hypertimelapse I love and the Nikon video recording comes in very handy too but the Nikon DSLR is heavy to keep steady and even on a bus resting on the back seat, there is still too much shake for the Nikon, the GoPro handles it easily.

To conclude: The DSLR will always win with photography shots in my opinion but the Gopro offers a brilliant package at a reasonable price and if filming is your priority, then the GoPro Hero 7 comes out top.

Enjoy your photography equipment, whatever you decide.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time. If you need stock photographs check out stock and video on Shutterstock. 

My portfolio is available here on Shutterstock

Lou A.


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