Amazon Basics light weight tripod.
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Review of Amazon Basics 60″ tripod.

The Amazon Basics Tripod is an excellent light weight, secure piece of equipment to compliment your videography or photography. I would use it for overseas travel as it is so lightweight. However, in Scotland you may need something heavier for photography if climbing  Munro, especially when the winds are high. On the plus side this is so light, 3lb that you are not adding too many additional pounds to you rucksack.

Amazon Basics light weight tripod.
Amazon Basics light weight tripod.

The Amazon Basics is well built and has rolled around the boot of my car a few times without incident. It is very easy to use.  The silver brushed aluminium body is sleek and subtle. The legs have telescopic extensions with clasps which stay in position, unlike my other tripod which frequently slips.  The rubber fittings on the legs are a little cheap looking but they have not fallen off in mud or disappeared into snow, so I am happy about that. I have not used the extension yet but it offers the opportunity for more height if required.

The Amazon Basics Tripod is great for taking abroad. It is slightly longer than more expensive tripods but if you place it diagonally in your suitcase it should fit. The quick release plate mount for a camera or camcorder is a great feature and it is simple and easy to use.   The Amazon Basics Tripod is  not as smooth as a roller head but it is very reasonable considering how inexpensive it is. Can be a little jerky but just twist the wand to get more fluid movements. (see video below).

Amazon Basics light weight Tripod
Amazon Basics light weight Tripod

The Amazon Basics tripod arrives with a cover for carrying and I like the bubble level for keeping my skylines straight with Shutterstock agency.   I have used the Amazon Basics Tripod with my daughters Canon EOS 4000D and my Nikon D500 with heavy 16-300mm lens.

I would ensure that one of the legs is under the camera to help with stability if you are worried that your lens is too heavy. Costs £24.99 with free delivery. I think this is an excellent entry level tripod. It does not come with a remote. The dimensions are 61.49 x 11.18 x 10.41 cm with a maximum height of 158cm.

If considering a camcorder click here. Comparison of the Canon XA11 & Panasonic.

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